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Making a Simple Will 

The information that you provide here will enable us to quickly create a simple will (for non-Muslims) that are suited for one of the following typical scenarios:-

(1) Most married couples desire to leave everything to each other first, and when the spouse dies then to the children equally.

(2) Most single parents desire to leave everything to their children and name guardians.

(3) Most people without children desire to leave their estates to their spouse, significant other, relatives or friends.

Upon receiving your instruction, we will email a draft of a will to you within 3 working days with instructions for the execution of the will. At this point you will be free to make any changes or seek any clarification or advice in relation to the will.  


However if your situation is more complex, for example, if you have significant assets, want to disinherit relatives, set up complicated trust provisions, have a child with a disability, or anticipate family conflict, or if you have estate planning questions in general, do contact us via e-mail or call us.

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