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At SW Tham Yong & co, we strive towards legal excellence in our areas of practice. We are a general practice legal firm that provides fast, simple, affordable and quality services for all our clients in a down to earth delivery style. We want to change your perception of lawyers as being expensive, apathetic and inapproachable. We are committed to meet the expectations and demands of our clients by growing our expertise in line with the growth of our clients. But what makes us truly stand out is our strength in our key sectors of property transactions (conveyancing, sale and purchase of properties, bank loans and leases/tenancies) , commercial contracts (franchise, re-seller, agency, distributorship), family law (divorce and will/estate planning/probate and administration), mergers and acquisitions (sale/purchase of companies, businesses, joint ventures). We are panel solicitors for many of Malaysia's commercial banks as well as a number of its most established companies.  

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