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Corporate & Commercial
Banking & Finance
Real Estate



Joint Ventures
Franchise & Licensing



Trusts, Wills, Probate



Our main areas of practice are Banking & Conveyancing and Corporate & Commercial. We provide the following professional legal services:

-representing and advising buyers or sellers in a sale and purchase of properties and land

-attending to property or land title transfer or perfection, entry of private caveat, removal of caveat, granting of leases, tenancies, easements and charges

-representing and advising banks or financial institutions in end and bridging financing of properties and bank loan documentation 

-representing and advising buyers or sellers in a sale and purchase or acquisition of shares in companies and assets

-representing and advising parties in various commercial deals and contracts including franchising, distributorship, licensing, supply, retail, manufacturing, IT, project management, and agency

-representing and advising parties in joint ventures, shareholders agreement, partnership, teaming agreements and other forms of collaboration and business cooperation agreements or contracts

-drafting of wills, applying for grant of probate, letter of administration and related estate administration matters

-advising on companypartnership, limited partnership structure and formation

-advising on legal and regulatory framework for business start-ups or investment  in Malaysia

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